Welcome to my Zibbet shop! :)

I joined here in September 2010 but added most of my images from December 2010.

My images are all my own photographs and of scenes from either close to my home, or from my travels which inspire me so much. Mainly from eastern Europe, but I also hope to add some photos from Africa too.

Photography for me became more serious about four years ago, and now I rarely leave the house without my camera. I am particularly inspired by nature, particularly animals and mountains, and also any scene which has feeling or touches me in some deep way. Be it outstanding natural beauty or urban decay. I like old things and like to see the beauty in all things and have a constant musical soundtrack in my head for all I witness.

All images in my shop of 5x7" or 5x5" are offered with free worldwide shipping from the UK but if you would like any image in a larger size please contact me as this is always possible, I can give you a quote for any custom order. These of course will be custom printed so please allow a few days extra for shipping for special requests.

My photos will be shipped without my signature on the reverse unless you request this with your order.

Many thanks for visiting my shop

shashamane fine art photography

dreamy fine art photography prints from shashamane ...

I shall be listing a selection of my photographic prints, all of which can be made available in different sizes upon request ...

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